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Core Products Travel/Starter Kit

This kit contains all you need to hit the road and travel light. Not sure what products to try? Based on suggested use, this travel kit gives you a two-four week sampling of the skin care system that gently cleans, nourishes and moisturizes your skin with toxin free products. Light in your luggage or light on your wallet, effective for your skin…It’s a win-win!

Kit contains: A six pack of 5 ml. bottles: CLEANSE-Sensitive Skin, NOURISH-Vitamin C, NOURISH-Vitamin A, TIGHTEN-Super Firming Peptides, HYDRATE-Hydrating Serum, MOISTURIZE-Anti-Aging

Anti-Aging Travel/Starter Kit

This kit contains the same products as the Core Products kit but geared more towards skin dealing with more aging and dryness issues. This is excellent for skiers and traveling to colder, drier climates in the winter.

Kit contains: A six pack of 5 ml. bottles: CLEANSE-Sensitive Skin, NOURISH-Vitamin C+, NOURISH-Vitamin A+, REVERSE-Anti-Aging Peptides, HYDRATE-Hydrating Serum, MOISTURIZE-Anti-Aging.


Acne Travel/Starter Kit

With new locales, different diet, stress of travel, you want to be sure to pack this in your luggage if you have issues with acne.

Not sure about what to try with your skin issues? Try this Starter Kit. You will be able to experience 2-4 weeks of toxin free products (based on suggested use) to see if this will help with those periodic breakouts.

Kit contains: A six pack of 5 ml. bottles. CLEANSE-Acne/Oily, TONE-Acne/Oily, Zit Zapper (for those periodic breakouts), BLEMISH REMEDY (more for hormonal acne issues), CALM-Calming Peptides and NOURISH-Vitamin C.

Note: Skin care products do not like heat or extreme cold. Either can damage or shorten the life of the product. If you are using these kits for travel you can store them in the DOOR of your refrigerator to lengthen their shelf life. Inside the refrigerator is too cold.

These are small bottles with small holes that the product is pumped through. Be sure to keep the tips clean after each use. If you have difficulty with the pumps, check the tip to make sure the hole is clear of any dried  product.