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SQUALANE is made from a fatty acid derived from olives. Squalene, derived from shark liver oil, is the precursor to the plant based Squalane. Great for use around the outer orbital rim of the eyes or around your lip area, Squalane can be added to the Reverse, Tighten, Hydrate or Moisturizer to add more oil. Think ski season, dry climates, skin dried by sun exposure. It can be a stand alone nighttime moisturizer too. It is similar to human sebum (the oil our body makes).

This amazing product protects healthy and smooth skin against wrinkles by feeding and guarding important processes in the skin cells. The unsaturated fatty acids of squalane also plays a crucial role in the moisture regulation of the skin. It can help with skin problems as well as act as an anti-aging ingredient.

Ingredients: Squalane - a fatty acid derived from olive oil.

Directions: Apply a few drops to the skin or add into product.