REVERSE: Anti-Aging Peptide

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Don't just prevent aging, reverse it! This ideal anti-aging treatment reduces wrinkles & age spots for younger-looking skin with results seen in as little as three days! With the addition of Glutathione to this peptide formula, microcirculation occurs in the tissues to enhance skin tone and elasticity as well as hydration.



Purified water, caprillic/capric triglycerides, vegetable glycerin, aloe vera, honey, cyclomethicone/dimethicone, beeswax, squalane, olive oil, L-retinol, L-pentapeptides, Bcomplex Vitamins, L-hyaluronate, glutathione palmitate, carnosine palmitate, omega 3, 6, 9 oils, Vitamin E, Llactic acid, royal gelee, idebenone, beta glucan, D-beta fructan, amino guanidine, D-betaglucosamine, Lsodium PCA, essential oils of candula, plumeria, vanilla, ylang ylang, lemon, rose, cherry, and citrus seed extract.