NOURISH: Vitamin C Serum

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Why it Works:
Collagen or elastin cannot be generated without vitamin C. This concentrated serum contains caffeine which enhances repair of DNA due to sun damage.
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Arguably the most important product in your skin care routine, this excellent anti-aging product is a highly concentrated (20%) Vitamin C Serum with proven antioxidant and regenerative properties to help fight and repair signs of aging by building collagen and elastin. The caffeine in this serum, when applied daily (over a six week period) helps protect the skin from UV damage. NOTE: THIS PRODUCT IS NOT AN IMMEDIATE SUN BLOCK. Use precaution with direct sun exposure. Discontinuing use discontinues the protection.



Ascorbic acid 20%, rice starch, glycerol caffeine citrate, D-beta fructan, D-betaglucosamine, amino-guanidine, L-castor oil, hamamelis extract and spin trap.