faqs.pngYour skin is the largest organ on your body. It is the only organ that we have to take care of from the inside and the outside. R3 Skin Nutrients provide your skin with nutrients it needs to help build collagen, hold moisture, maintain skin (dermis) thickness and repair the affects of the environment and aging. The inside part is up to you. We will often talk about diet and how it affects your skin.

We love questions and feedback. If we don’t have the answer, we’ll find it for you.
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Q:  How do I determine my skin care type?

A: The scientist behind R3 Skin Nutrients states, and we agree, that there are no "skin types", there are only skin issues. The skin reflects what is cooking on the inside. Diet, stress, medications, and environment are a few of the factors contributing to your skin health. Identifying where your skin issue shows up (according to Traditional Chinese Medicine) gives you information about what might be out of balance on the inside.

Q: What is the best way to minimize pores?

A: Enlarged pores can be an indicator of a fatty, greasy diet that has an affect on our filtering systems. Sugar and too many cold foods can also play a role. Good fats are not what we are referring to in this scenario. Proper cleansing, using the correct product for your skin and a healthy diet low in sugar and processed ingredients will help refine those pores.

Q:  How do I address puffy, droopy eyelids?

A: Puffy and droopy eyelids can be related to digestive issues as well as sluggish lymph flow creating water retention. Adding TARGET eye cream to your regimen and applying it in a circular motion around the upper and lower lids (using your ring finger) can help stimulate the lymph while moisturizing and addressing the puffiness. Drinking adequate amounts of water is important in keeping the lymph flowing. Diet will always play a role in the health of your skin. Foods high in preservatives, sugars and unhealthy fats can contribute to this issue as well as eating late at night.


Q: It’s easier to use one serum. Why doesn’t R3 use that approach?

A: Often we’re asked about products that have a one serum approach. Combining multiple products into one serum would degrade each other. Having individualized serums renders a product specific to its function, resulting in a highly concentrated and effective product.


Q: Why am I seeing CBD everywhere in skin care now? Is it just a fad?

A: It's true, CBD (Cannabidiol) is showing up everywhere, making the choice of a good product sometimes overwhelming. Now that it is legal in all 50 states, the body of research is growing rapidly. In skin care, it shows good results in anti-inflammatory effects as well as increasing the receptor sites ability to take in the nutrients. Research has shown it can help skin conditions, such as acne, by reducing sebum (oil) production and is becoming well known for its anti-inflammatory function. CBD has been showing increased improvement in dry skin and light wrinkles. Don't forget, the care of your skin requires internal and external attention. Working with a health care professional can assist you in obtaining optimal results. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need help in finding a practitioner who is very familiar with the benefits of R3 skin care. Our wholesalers are experts in a variety of health and skin care fields.


Q: What should I look for in a product with CBD?


A: When looking at skin care products containing CBD, we recommend a full spectrum, organic CBD. The cannabidiol in the R3 products is certified organic, full spectrum and THC free. THC is the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis products. CO2 extraction method is used to obtain the CBD. It is the most common method used because it is safe and provides a pure end product.


Q: Does that mean all of the R3 products will now contain CBD?

A: We do not recommend getting your complete skin care regimen with CBD. It does add to the cost of the products and, importantly, your skin is able to use 3 mg. a day most effectively. More than that may not be making the best use of product and money. The products are formulated to dispense approximately 1 mg. per pump. I tend to rotate the products I use that contain CBD. Consider whether you are using the product once or twice a day. A good starting point is to use the NOURISH Vitamin C or C+ with CBD and the peptide you use (either TIGHTEN, REVERSE or CALM) with CBD. The eye cream (TARGET) and HYDRATE are also great choices in adding product with CBD. Never hesitate to reach out for help in structuring what routine would best fit your needs. 


Q: If topical caffeine can protect the skin, why can’t I put green tea bags on my skin and get the same effect?

A: Using green tea topically will not have an effect on skin because the molecule is too large to be absorbed. Green Tea extract used in skin care has a smaller molecule and the skin can absorb the nutrients from the extract. This is a why it is important to know who is behind the science of your skin care products.


Q: What does Chirally correct mean and why does that matter in skin care?

A: When a product is Chirally Correct, it contains only the side of the molecule with the ability to perfectly bond with the cell. This is identified as L for the left side of the molecule and D for the right side of the molecule. For example the chorally correct L-retinol does not thin the skin. The more commonly used D-retinol will, over time, thin the skin (dermis). This is important because our skin thins by approximately 1% a year after the age of 30. The added bonus? Undesirable side effects of skin sensitivities are less likely to occur and the body is better able to utilize the nutrient.


Q: Is it okay to mix skin care lines?

A: Skin care lines are usually designed to work synergistically. We recommend that if you choose to mix your product lines that you consult a skin care specialist that is well versed in the science of skin care and understands the importance of a toxin free skin care product.


Q: If I want to build collagen, can I just take Vitamin C orally?

A: Although taking Vitamin C orally will eventually get to the skin, taking it orally, the Vitamin C will go to your internal organs first. The products in the R3 Skin Nutrients line are formulated to deliver nutrition directly to the skin. You will often see us refer to skin care as an Inside-Outside Job. Taking care of the largest organ of your body from both the inside (what you ingest) and outside (topical application) is the most effective approach to healthy skin.


Q: What does the R3 in the name mean?

A: The 3 R’s stand for Repair, Restore and Regenerate. Our skin turnover cycle is approximately every 28 days until around age 40-50. It then slows to about every 40 days. The product formulations are designed to Repair damage done by the sun, bad diet and over-treatment, Restore collagen and elasticity and Regenerate cell production to preserve the thickness and firmness of the skin.


Q:  There are so many products out there; What criteria should I use to pick an effective, healthy skin care products?

A:  Know the history of your products. “Natural” Does not necessarily mean it is toxin free. “Organic” does not necessarily mean it is effective or absorbable.
You want skin care that is:

  •     Made in a GMP (good manufacturing practices) facility.
  •     Toxin free
  •     Backed by scientific research that uses safe, cutting edge technology
  •     Delivery System that enables the skin to actually absorb and use the nutrients.
  •     FDA approved ingredients
  •     Insured

Or to sum it up:  It’s Effective, Safe, and Affordable!