CALM: Calming Peptide with added Cannibidiol

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DESCRIPTION: This powerful anti-inflammatory peptide will work to calm and repair even the worst acne! Bio-active peptides enhanced with organic cannibidiol reduce inflammation.

How To Use: Apply 2-4 pumps to face, neck and décolletage both morning and night. This product pairs well with CORRECT-BLEMISH GEL and/or CORRECT-ZIT ZAPPER. 


Ingredients: Distilled water, cyclomethicone /dimethicone copolyol, glycerin, silicone, caprillic/ capric triglycerides, cetyl alcohol, L-lactic acid, L-retinol, beeswax, cetearyl alcohol, shea butter, L-pentapeptides, niacinamide, L-salicylic acid, squalene, glyceryl stearate, D-beta fructan, D-beta glucosamine, xanthan gum, Cannibidiol, jasmine alcohol, vanilla, ylang ylang, lemon and rosewood essential oils.