Skin Care Blues

Skin Care Blues

May 15th 2020

We hope this e-mail finds you all healthy and safe. This has been an unprecedented time in our lives. As we work our way back to Normal, our faces have spent and will continue to spend a significant time behind a mask. So why the title "Skin Care Blues"? Although low on the list of things to worry about, our skin ultimately wears the stress we are going through. The mask can exacerbate the effects of our stressors. Because they don't really breathe very well, the warmth and humidity of our breath can create conditions ripe for encouraging acne. The phenomenon we are experiencing has even been given the name: Mask-ne. Normal, Dry or Sensitive skin can also experience skin issues not normally present. Masks, worn for an extended period of time can wick moisture from our skin. 

Tending to our skin health is an Inside/Outside job. Step One: If you can, find time to care for your whole self...Body, Mind and Spirit. Even Ten to Fifteen minutes can make a difference. Step Two: The solution for any Skin Care Blues? Consider adding a TONE product. Acne/Oily for acne prone skin. TONE for Normal or Dry Sensitive skin will come in handy for increased oily skin and blemishes resulting from extended mask wear. CALM- Calming Peptide for acne prone and rosacea skin issues. RENEW- Purifying Mask for acne/oily skin or T-zone issues. RENEW-Hydrating Mask for increased dryness from extended mask wear. MOISTURIZE-Dry Sensitive, HYDRATE-Hydration Serum and SQUALANE will also assist in keeping skin moist and nourished without clogging pores. MOISTURIZE-Anti-Aging contains alpha hydroxy which will have a mild exfoliating action while moisturizing your skin.

Wishing you health and safety during this new journey we are on. Do not hesitate to contact R3 Skin Nutrients or an R3 Retailer  with questions or help in determining your best skin health support.